July 22, 2019
IVAC central vacuum system

Central Vacuum System

30 HP Electric Central Vac Unit with Tipping Bin IVAC is proud to announce the launch of our new 30 HP electric central vac system with […]
October 1, 2018
pv250 industrial vacuum sustem


Industrial Vacuum System Definition An industrial vacuum system is a piece of equipment used to transfer all kinds of materials either liquid or solid. Vacuum systems […]
August 8, 2018
pv500 industrial vacuum unit

IVAC SOLUTIONS: Industrial Vacuum System VS Vac Trucks

The IVAC Team was presented with a unique opportunity to directly compare our PV500 industrial vacuum system with 3 different types of vacuum trucks. The challenge […]
July 18, 2018
pv500 pumping in factory

IVAC SOLUTIONS: Concrete and Aggregate Pumping Services

Concrete and aggregate pumping services are in high demand worldwide. Large scale infrastructure projects by developing and emerging markets help to drive this welling demand. Efficient […]
July 10, 2018
industrial vacuum control panel with warning decal

IVAC SOLUTIONS: Industrial Vacuum Operation

Performance of a material transfer unit partially depends on the ability to learn the best practices for industrial vacuum operation. IVAC has a stellar safety record […]
June 28, 2018
pneumatic control panel with air driven switches

IVAC SOLUTIONS: Explosive Dust Mitigation

Pneumatic conveying systems are highly effective with explosive dust mitigation during the material transfer process. Bulk material transfer can create a large amount of dust during […]
May 30, 2018
sand pumping application in cement factory

IVAC SOLUTIONS: Industrial Sand Pumping

When you need to pump sand, an industrial vacuum system from IVAC is your solution. Industrial sand pumping applications are a true performance test for material […]
December 13, 2017
worker and interviewer during commercial filming


Late this summer the IVAC team had a great time working with Mastermind Studios filming some promotional and instructional videos. It was a perfect sunny day in Kamloops, British Columbia to be outside running demos. The most important thing about the day was seeing all the cool gadgets for professional filming.
October 11, 2017
ivac in atlanta collage


The IVAC Team was recently in Atlanta Georgia working at a water treatment facility. The filter tanks needed to be emptied of all debris like sewerage grit, sand and other particles that have accumulated in the tanks. The removed media is discharged into a holding truck to be properly cleaned and disposed of, new media is then pumped back into the treatment holding tanks to resume working functions.