High-Powered Cleaning System for Manufacturing

Vacuum systems like our PV500, Barrel Vac and In-line Vac are an integral part of an efficient factory production line. Having a portable high powered cleaning system is a must for any manufacturing facility. Industrial vacuum systems are perfect for retrieving product spillage on the production line and delivering it back into the system to be reused or to be discharged into a proper waste containment area. Our units take the place of many labour intensive processes, making jobs safer and giving your project a better ROI.

workers cleaning out ship bilge tanks with PV500 industrial vacuum system

IVAC systems are found in manufacturing plants all over the world. Our ability to perform diverse applications in all climates and environments is why we are trusted in foundries, cement plants, car manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and so much more. The primary function for our units on most industrial worksites is heavy duty clean-up. Facilities can create a large amount of spillage during the production process and so an effective cleaning solution is required. With IVAC all that spillage does not need to be considered waste, sometimes it can be picked up and placed back into production.  With our Barrel Vac system the vacuumed material can be discharged directly into totes, barrels or bags for storage and sale.

IVAC industrial vacuum systems are built with quality components designed and tested to achieve high volume material transfer rates in difficult conditions. The ability to pump such a wide variety of materials and to perform such varied applications is why we are confident in saying “IVAC Pumps the Unpumpable”

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