Contract Crews

Save time and positively effect your bottom line with a crew from IVAC. We are available for short or long term projects, freeing your crews to do other work. One operator working with our industrial vacuum unit is able to move 15 tons per hour of difficult materials. In sumps with heavy sludges an operator can efficiently muck 55,000 litres per hour and deliver it to a different location. Your work will be completed on-time, safely and on budget.

Contract clean-up crews are available for long and short-term work. Our crews are skilled in cleaning of sumps, drifts, shaft bottoms, crusher areas, under belts and environmental spills or any of your clean-up needs. Our crews can complete any project-on time-safely and on budget.

Our PV500 unit is excellent for rock, gravel, sand, sludges and slimes, wet or dry

The PV500 vacuum unit picks up and then discharges your material through a pipeline to your desired location miles away. Material picked up can be used to fill trucks, hoppers, rail cars etc., or placed back into your production circuit – the flexibility of the machine means that the possibilities are endless. The venturi type vacuum/discharge unit is powered with compressed air. No wiring or electrical connections are required. An internal 12-volt system runs all the controls.