Municipal infrastructure maintenance no matter your location is reliant on heavy duty industrial vacuum pumps for critical functions and services. The entire network of pipes, culverts, grates etc. requires constant maintenance to ensure effective performance in a highly demanding environment. Work rate is continuous so a reliable, efficient pumping solution is mandatory. Industrial vacuum systems are used for emptying cesspits, cleaning and maintaining sewer systems and lines. Vacuum excavation is being used more consistently in municipal construction as homes and buildings are being built in closer proximity to one another and as more communication and energy systems are being placed underground.

Municipalities employ industrial vacuums to pump sewage grit, mud and wastewater from lines and storm drains. Street sweeping and natural runoff causes organic detritus and sewage grit to build up in pipes and catch basins. The proper removal of these accumulations help to provide a clean and sanitary environment to live and work in. IVAC’s line of venturi vacuum pumps were engineered for tough applications like pumping mud, sand, sludge, sewage grit, dewatering tanks and lines. These types of materials can be very destructive to equipment due to their abrasive nature. IVAC industrial vacuum systems are constructed with high quality components, able to stand up to the rigors of constant use without the need for costly repairs and down time. Applications in the municipal division are often in remote areas making IVAC units’ ability to pump and discharge from extended distances very useful. Increase productivity by choosing IVAC for your municipal pumping needs.

IVAC’s PV units are used to replace filter media in water treatment facilities. The units are used to remove the media and also to replace it with new material.

PV500 industrial vacuum onsite with workers at water treatment plant

PV500 pumping sewage grit and wastewater from water treatment holding tank

PV500 and industrial hose setup at water treatment plant

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