Vacuum Dry Materials

Moving all different types and sizes of materials is what the IVAC systems were engineered to handle. Gravel, sand, sawdust, any dry solid that can fit in the 4” intake hose is a perfect material for our powerful systems. The configuration of the units are completely customizable so if the material needs to be removed off-site or put back into the production line the client has control. Bulk load transfers and work site cleanup is made quick and easy with IVAC products. Put us to the challenge, if you have a product/material that you would like to see handled by our system please contact us for a demonstration.

Vacuuming Sand, Gravel & Rock

Pumping Sand

Whether you are placing materials in the sand trap at a golf course or delivering sand materials onto a construction project, Ivac’s powerful PV250 and PV500’s vacuum delivery units will provide you with the production rates and distances that you require.

Vacuuming and Pumping Sand and Gravel

Perhaps you have some different products like sand and gravel that need removal and replacement like our clients are successfully doing worldwide in various types of water treatment facilities. First the spent material is vacuumed up and sent outside of the area or plant for removal. Generally these materials are placed in the filters in various levels usually starting with a larger rock sized material, next a layer of gravel is added and finally sand will finish off the top layer. Ivacs’ equipment has been found pumping the sand, pumping the gravel and also pumping the rock. Not only removing the materials but putting them back in place also.

pv500 pumping gravel and sand at water treatment facility

Pumping Gravel

The civil construction industry moves billions and more likely trillions of tons of hard to handle dry contruction materials like gravel. Pumping gravel with an IVAC Vac offers its own benefits in that you are able to place these materials in often hard to reach areas due to logistical factors like inside or under buildings, up at various floors or elevation. Our industrial vacuum/delivery units are the right equipment for the gravel pumping jobs. The virtually maintenance free units will perform under the harshest condions like under a Middlele East sun or a Canadian cold Arctic front, you can be assured that the rugged PV units will perform for you and your Crew!

image of 1/2 ton truck filled with red lava rock

Pumping Rock

When cleaning under conveyors, around crushers and other various minesite jobs the crews will encounter larger rock peices. The PV units will pump rock or anything else that can fit into it’s suction hose. This is not meant to say that you would pump an entire stockpile of 3″ rock through a 4″ hose as you can iamgine the rocks betting stuck on each other in the hoses and pipeleines. The PV units can handle the red lava rock as shown above and they handle the clean-up materials in the picture below. This is accomplished at much slower rates than you can expect with vacuuming and pumping sand and gravel or smaller pieces. Our team enjoys assiting our clients to ensure they have a safe, productive experience with our equipment and we invite you to visit us at our test yard. In many cases it will help us to help you by sending us the most information that you can about your products, pictures of course will help us a lot too. Use this form to send us information about your project so that we can assit you the best posible way in pumping your sand, gravel & rock!

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