Chapter 1 – Vacuum Operation

Vacuum Operation

The vacuum unit operates on compressed air. Compressed air is required to create the vacuum to operate the unit as well as provide discharge air to clear the tank and lines.

Be sure all lines and fittings are tight. Install whip checks on all air hoses.

Wear ear protection whenever the equipment is operating.

Air Inlet – The air inlet is 2″, this can be NPT, victualic or other secure means. We do not recommend using “quick type” couplings unless you can be sure that there can be no disconnection or vibrating loose! Be sure all lines are clean and tight before turning air on to the unit. Whip checks must be installed on all hoses leading to the unit.

Be sure to always wear your PPE – Safety glasses, Hardhat, Gloves, Coveralls (oilers), & hearing protection should be considered as minimum standards.