Agriculture, Farming & Ranching Industrial Vacuum System

Industrial vacuum units are perfect for cleaning, maintenance and production services in the agriculture sector. IVAC industrial vacuums customizable systems’ are able to handle the wide variety of applications required on large or small scale operations. Our units are able to adapt to multiple functions and applications because of our versatile design. We manufacture a wide range of pick-up nozzles and accessories to ensure your project is done right. IVAC units are able to replace multiple pieces of equipment and because of our safe and easy operation manual labour is kept to a minimum.

PV500 pumping waste water from holding pond with cattle in background

An IVAC PV500 unit was on site to assist with maintenance on a cattle ranch. Wastewater and organic debris was pumped from a holding pond to ensure a safe and sanitary environment. After stringent cleaning procedures fresh water is then pumped back into the pond for future use.

A clean and sanitary facility is important to any agriculture business. Consistent cleaning of the yard, pens and holding areas provides a more hygienic environment, free of pests, waste accumulations and other possibly hazardous contaminants. IVAC’s powerful venturi eductor pump system is ideal for picking up various materials such as grain, feed, manure and even wastewater. The material can then be discharged into a silo, transport vehicle, back into production or bag it directly for sale and storage. Our systems can even be used in the fertilization process to pump manure and other organic materials. At IVAC we supply safe efficient solutions for all your pumping needs.

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