Ivac Industrial Vacuum Specifications

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Air Consumption 500 C.F.M @ 100 P.S.I
Vacuum Loading rate 58.7 S.C.F.M @ 25 ” H.G
Control Power (battery) 12 Volt D.C Charging with 110 or 220 volt A.C
Operator Controls (Man/Auto Vacuum/Discharge) Also Reverse Vacuum NEW!
Height 73″
Width 37″
Length 73″
Vacuum Inlet 4″ Cam Lock
Discharge Outlet 4″ Victaulic (6″ available)
Air Inlet 2″ N.P.T
Pressure Vessel Certified ASME (CE/PED available)
Weight 2400 LBS


    • Skid Mounted c/w forklift lift points.
    • The PV500 Vacuum unit cycles from vacuum to discharge when the pressure vessel is filled with the material being vacuumed.
    • This is set by the operator on a timer located in the control box.
    • Overfilling will not damage the unit.
    • Material being vacuumed does not come in contact with any moving parts.
    • Handles wet or dry material, sludges, slurries, sand, gravel, and rock.
    • Battery is good for approximately one-month continuous operation before recharge.
    • Virtually maintenance free as there are only three moving parts (knife, gate, valves).
    • There are no filters to clean or replace.
    • Pumping up vertically over a typical pump 28/8.5m feet is easily achieved with our vertical lift assistant. Over 200 feet/60m vertical lifts achieved.
    • Discharge material Miles/Kilometers away with our fully adjustable powerful discharge circuit. Compressed air can be wyed in anywhere down the line to “Boost” even further.
Ivac team member checking out the suction testing distance

Suction testing on PV250 & PV500 Industrial Vacuum Units