Industrial Vacuum

The choice of reliable conveyance equipment is an important decision for a company. The bulk transfer of raw or end products and how efficiently that process is maintained can make or break a project’s success. Industrial vacuum systems have become a highly sought option for material transfer because of their functional versatility and low maintenance. A vacuum unit will prove itself as a cost-effective and productive way of providing solutions for your difficult cleanup requirements. The vacuum can handle many different and difficult materials. Because of the vacuum’s constant pick-up and delivery our units are able to move large quantities of material in a regular shift. This process beats conventional methods hands down and releases manpower from  unsafe and mundane labour tasks like shoveling.

IVAC PV Vacuum Systems are built to last

Our certified technicians manufacture IVAC vacuums with only high quality components to ensure exceptional performance and rugged durability. The systems are engineered to have little to no contact with the pumped material. By limiting the moving parts on the unit to just 3 knifegates, IVAC systems are able to work for years maintenance free. All possible wear areas are protected with replaceable liner plates.

sand pumping from barrel, work crew with in line vac system for tunnels

IVAC PV SAND/ROCK VACUUM/PUMP – Pneumatic Material Transfer

Pumping solutions for Sale, Rent or by Contract

All of our units are available FOB Vancouver BC, Canada. Call us today to discuss your project, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Delivery is generally 4-6 weeks upon order but units are often in stock and available for immediate shipping. The vacuum units are certified and government inspected before leaving our shop.

Customized material pumping demonstrations

At IVAC we like to prove how well our vacuum equipment works. If you are able to come to Kamloops BC, Canada contact us about setting up a live demo to see the material of your choice being pumped. Give us a call then come on by, visitors are always welcome.

PV500 industrial vacuum in workshop


Q: I understand that the vacuum can pick up and deliver various products, but for how far?

A: The vacuum is capable of delivering your products 2km horizontally and 200m vertically. We’ve even picked up contaminated soils under 3m of water!

Q: What maintenance is required, and where do I get parts?

A: The unit is virtually maintenance free because there are only 3 moving parts. Additionally, any wear areas are protected with a replaceable liner plate. All switches and control valves are available worldwide.

Q: What type of pick-up and discharge hose or pipe is used?

A: Pick-up is usually done using a quality suction hose. We have different hoses available and offer you a 30% discount on all fittings.

Q: How does it work?

A: Vacuum is created in the pressure vessel using compressed air to power it. The same compressed air pushes the material from the tank and sends it long distances. A timer controls the functions.