Industrial Vacuum Applications

Pump the Unpumpable with Our Powerful Industrial Vacuums

Our industrial vacuum has incredible potential when it comes to the duties to which it can be applied. Whether you’re pumping liquids or sludge, excavating, vacuuming dry materials, or doing environmental cleanup, our industrial vacuum system can help. Click the links below to find out more about our vacuum and how it can help you.

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sifto salt facility

Case Studies

Our industrial vacuums have helped many companies complete major projects such as the Sift Salt Mine shaft clean-up, the Mine Tailings spill clean-up project, and more.

workers using industrial vacuum for tailings recovery in pond

Environmental Cleanup

Industrial vacuum systems are perfect for dealing with emergency response situations because they can be set-up on site quickly to recover and contain spillage.

pv500 pumping gravel and sand at water treatment facility

Waste Water

When water quality has been negatively affected, becoming what is now considered waste water, you need to handle the issue in a safe and prompt manner to maintain environmental safety.

underground piping exposed during civil construction project


Vacuum excavation is a process that significantly reduces the risk for loss of property or injury to workers when contacting underground utilities.

industrial hose pumping dirt and dry materials

Vacuum Dry Materials

Moving gravel, sand, sawdust, and other dry solid materials is exactly what the IVAC systems were engineered to handle, making worksite cleanup easy.

pick up tool used with pv500 pumping sludge

Pumping Liquid & Sludge

Our portable, pneumatic systems can move virtually any material by utilizing heavy duty intake hoses and delivering liquid or sludge precisely where you want it.