Chapter 9 – Trouble Shooting Guide

Trouble Shooting Guide

The vacuum gate does not open when in vacuum mode

  • Low Battery Voltage
  • Venturi gate limit switch is not activated
  • The Pressure Switch detects pressure in the vessel
  • Loose wire or broken wire on pressure switch circuit
  • Low air pressure

Poor Suction

  • Plug in suction line
  • Discharge air is on during vacuum cycle (valve malfunction)
  • Inadequate air pressure or volume
  • Air leak in the suction hose
  • The tank purge valve is open

Does not discharge

  • Plugged discharge line
  • Vacuum gate limit switch not activated
  • Discharge Air Regulator is not set properly
  • The 2 – 1″ ball valves on the discharge line are off or plugged
  • Plugged check valve(s)

Air discharge from Vacuum/inlet Line

  • Discharge line/hose plugged
  • Pressure switch setting or malfunction
  • Pressure switch line plugged
  • Venturi gate limit switch not set properly