worker and interviewer during commercial filming
Late this summer the IVAC team had a great time working with Mastermind Studios filming some promotional and instructional videos. It was a perfect sunny day in Kamloops, British Columbia to be outside running demos. The most important thing about the day was seeing all the cool gadgets for professional filming. There was some weird contraption that could hold the camera still while the guy ran with it and a super cool drone (looked so expensive I didn’t even bother asking to play with it). The whole film crew was a great bunch of people, laughs and goodtimes were had by all.
The project was for several different styles of video. An instructional video on how to safely operate a PV500 unit was done first. PV500s are the most popular industrial vacuum system we have so we really wanted to make available as much information as possible to current and future users. Being able to safely operate and optimize one of our IVAC units is a top priority. By following the proper procedures material transfer rates will be maximized insuring a successful project completion.
The next video shot was an all around introduction to IVAC. It was done interview style and we talked about basic IVAC facts and briefly touched on some industrial vacuum applications. It was funny watching our IVAC technician being squirmy and shifty in front of the camera. Wyatt the interviewer was a definite pro so we were lucky that at least one person was taking the job seriously 😉
To finish off the set a few material/application specific videos were shot. In these we tried to highlight the diverse uses for our Vac systems. We used a PV500 to pump sand, gravel, gingko leaves, water and a barrel of sludge. The focus was about how IVAC units can adapt to different materials, environments and industries. The link for the complete playlist can be found below. Thank you to everyone involved, the project looks awesome and it was an all around positive experience.

Link to playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnq8XMfuwkqNa6Bni8nKSL-os1Eu-4Tl7

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