IVAC Industrial Vacuum Systems

  • Pneumatic Powered

    Our air powered vacuum and material delivery units can pick-up and deliver your difficult products miles through a pipeline. These qualities make our system the top performer in industrial vacuums worldwide.

  • Easy Operation

    Each of our units are built with the operator in mind: from reverse vacuum and safety interlocks to the powerful vacuum created with our patented air system, we proudly offer the premium in industrial vacuum systems available worldwide, all with you and your production requirements as a top priority.

  • Features

    • Enviromental Clean-Up
    • Mucking Ditches
    • Conveyor & Loading Pocket
    • Shaft Bottom Clean-up & Sump
    • Placing Sand, Concrete & Gravel
    • Mucking Raisebore & Drill Cuttings
    • Pumping of Difficult Material and Sludges
    • Replaces Vacuum Trucks

PV500 Industrial Vacuum Unit PUMPS THE UNPUMPABLE

IVAC Industrial Vacuum Systems provide portable and diverse units the world over. Our IVAC Industrial Vacuum units are capable of handling the most difficult of materials and feature a unique delivery system. Powered by compressed air, the pneumatic units easily move products such as gravel, sand, rock, and sludge, and are capable of delivering them to any desired location. Our vacuums have been used in a number of applications, from mining solutions to environmental and factory spill clean-ups. There are endless possibilities and applications for the IVAC Industrial Vacuum! The PV500 is our deluxe sand, sump, rock, slurry, and water handling industrial vacuum system.


Industrial Vacuum Systems are versatile and can be used in nearly any industry. Click below to find out more on the many applications of IVAC systems.


Our Industrial Vacuum System can be applied to any number of pumping needs. Click below to learn about how our pump is transforming our clients needs.

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