IVAC is focused on safe, efficient solutions to "Pump the Unpumpable" for clients all across the world.

Our industrial vacuum systems have been setting the performance standard in all types of applications and environments since we began in 2009. Whether in the stunningly beautiful deserts of the Middle East, with blowing sands, or the frigid cold of the Great White North, with blowing snow, IVAC units will be there to ensure a successful project.

Wet or dry, IVAC units are engineered to handle the most difficult materials industries produce. These pneumatic systems are powerful and economical, harnessing the power of compressed air to create the vacuum and discharge the tank and lines. Operation can be controlled on site through the control panel or off site with the remote option. The material is picked-up then delivered to the desired location via industrial hose. Adaptation is key, making our versatile units rate high in customer satisfaction and productivity.

IVAC Industrial Vacuums' are safe & reliable venturi vacuum systems that will pick-up and then deliver by discharging through hoses, pipeline or gravity drop at your ending location. Wet or dry, our units will handle your clean-up or material pumping needs.

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IVAC Vac units are available in different models and operating characteristics. Our PV Models fill the vessel and then send out the materials through pipelines or hoses. Our BV units fill a hopper and then drop your picked up materials onto a conveyor, into bags, bins or barrels. Our units operate on compressed air and they are available in different powerful vacuum flow rates.

Whether you are changing out the water filter media at a water treatment plant, cleaning an underground mine sump or vacuuming up from a 200 foot deep tank the IVAC PV500 industrial vac has proven itself as a truly maintenance free item in countries all over the world.  Our expert logistics team is available to assist you in transporting the units into your country.

Our IVAC Industrial Vac PV Models are available in different sizes with our PV500 acting as our typical unit capable of completing  a wide range of different vacuum/discharge "pumping" solutions. These are used in many different applications, Wet or Dry and can pump sand, gravel, slimes, sludges, slurries, ballast, water, mud - you name it and we can "pump it" IVAC is "Pumping the Unpumpable" all over the world!  

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